I walk a path predestined by God, my Creator.
I’m so desperate to be obedient;
I’m slaying myself daily.pexels-photo-256450.jpeg
Yet my Present Help is with me.
He is so faithful. Plus, He never fails me.

To lift my Savior higher, it’s my soul’s desire,
Even if walking with God means walking through the fire.
The stage of purifying, I’ma shine like pure gold.
Umm, that sounds so beautiful.

Lord, I let it all go; You take control.
Let it always be said, I do those things that please You.
While for Your name, I’m hated often.
Let me boldly speak this Gospel.

pexels-photo-339805.jpegI‘ma press my way through,
No caution.
careful for nothing, As I spread Your Word of truth.

My God! My God! You’re so holy-You’re so infinite.
I run this race with a passion!  And having You beside me, Lord,
is just an added benefit.

Lord, give me drink! I thirst!  I hunger after You!
I’ve experienced love before, but none ever so beautiful!
None ever so pure, nor this kind of intimate.
Nothing compares to it. It’s a heavenly relationship.

God, send Your latter rain! Drench desolate habitation.
Bless me to break through any barriers, spreading hope throughout the nations.
Father, You’re so much more than just a worthy validation.
You’re my purpose for being. You are my inspiration.


Copyright © 2018 Ms. Jamie Y. Gray. All Rights Reserved

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