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Do you ever try to figure out why certain people hate on you? Even if you’re kind, polite and helpful to them, it doesn’t seem to matter what you do; they just hate on you.  Look, the reason it doesn’t matter what you do; is because it’s not you. It’s them.  And more often than not; these are usually people you consider close friends. Or even worse people of which you share DNA. (FAMILY.)

group of people raising right hand
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Some of the reasons these people hate on you are because you possess something they do not.  A beautiful home, a nice vehicle, a great career or job.  But the truth is; it doesn’t even have to be material it can be that you have a spouse, children, your children are more successful than their children, or they feel you and your children have a better relationship than they have with their children, family, loved ones and/or friends. Maybe you’re popular, perhaps you have a winning personality and no matter where you are or where you go people are drawn to you, people just seem to like you instantly, or you have an awesome gift or a talent.  They feel like; why you and not them?  They are in a secret competition with you and they feel like you’re winning.  And nothing, and I mean nothing irritates, aggravates, or angers them more than things working out well for you.  

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Although you’ve tried to ignore it, you can’t help but notice that whenever the focus is on you, they do or say something to try and draw the attention towards them.  If someone compliments you, they will claim to have done or accomplished something they feel tops what you were just complimented on.  They’re always taking an opportunity to take little digs at you.  You know what I mean?  They make a mean or insulting comment under the fake tone of “I’m just being humorous.”  As usual, they’re just seeking the attention.  They figure if they can get others to buy into their little sly subliminal negative comment then, that’ll be one less person that likes and respects you above them.   

woman in white sleeveless tops holding wine glass
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But you know what?  I actually feel sorry for these kinds of individuals.  They have a very sad existence.  I say existence because they aren’t truly living.  How can they be?  When they waste so much of their life watching you and hoping you don’t succeed at anything in yours.  Isn’t that sad?  They don’t even realize that part of the reason they can’t advance or succeed in their own life is due to the type of heart they have.  Since God looks at the heart, (1 Samuel 16:7) why would He be in a hurry to bless them, when they hate to see you or others they hate on being blessed?  When they refuse to be happy for anybody except themselves?  When they minimize those they hate on accomplishments?  Nevertheless, me, I just pray for them. Love trumps hate.  Besides, they can not curse whom God has blessed. (Numbers 23:8) What God has for you, is for you.  So, just continue being the awesome person God has made you.  So have a seat at the table and keep right on eating the meals God prepares for you in front of your enemies (Haters.) (Psalm 23:5)  Now, save room, because you’re going to be feasting.  Fix yourself a BIG plate! Cuz Haters gonna hate.  Double Blessings To You.

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