As I lay back, I’m focused,
reminisce with eyes open.
What can take a shattered vessel
and build it back up again?

woman lying on white sand beach
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on
I’m reminded
when I was empty
God came and poured His love in.
Exchanged my bad days
for ones, I’d find hope in.

He held me close,
and my soul was comforted,
every tear that streamed,
He tenderly bottled it.

island during golden hour and upcoming storm
Photo by Johannes Plenio on
Sometimes He stood by quietly in the midst of my storm;
For endurance through the experience, perfection is earned.
The Heavenly Father left His throne, 
on earth is where He surfaced. Before I was even a fetus.
He hand-picked me for His purpose.

He deserves my whole heart,
and oh, how I worship!
To praise God with everything
is only my reasonable service!

The Great I Am, Creator, 
The Mighty Rock of Ages!
He’s outranked by none, 
the Highest in Authority 
because there is none Greater!
black and white cemetery christ church
Photo by Pixabay on

Nothing in this entire world
will ever come close to being as large. 
there are no words to adequately describe 
This Indescribable God.



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