pexels-photo-325229.jpegSometimes the door God leads you through places you in a hallway with multiple doors.  Always pray for direction before you choose.  Be patient God is faithful.  God always finishes what He starts.  If you listen and are paying attention; God will guide you to your door. But it’s still up to you to turn the knob, for faith without works (taking action) is dead.  Blessings. pexels-photo-277017.png


It was July 4th, in the year of 2002. I remember because it was the evening of my 35th birthday.  I had spent the day at my sister’s house for a Fourth of July Bar-B-Q. Got in around 8 O’clock in the evening, sent the kids to bed because they had school in the morning.  I had gone to lie down to watch television but I had fallen asleep. Continue reading “NO SURPRISES”

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