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Do you ever try to figure out why certain people hate on you? Even if you’re kind, polite and helpful to them, it doesn’t seem to matter what you do; they just hate on you.  Look, the reason it doesn’t matter what you do; is because it’s not you. It’s them.  And more often than not; these are usually people you consider close friends. Or even worse people of which you share DNA. (FAMILY.) Continue reading “HATERS GONNA HATE… BUT WHY DO HATERS HATE?”



I’m so blessed to be awake;
new mercy; extended grace.
Another chance to get it right. I am truly grateful;
I’ve been blessed to see; A new morning’s light.

I’ve never seen a morning like this;
the moisten dew is the sweetness,
and the sunshine of a day,
that I was never promised.

I will praise the Lord and show Him
Just how grateful I am!
Continue throughout day; expressing my thanks
to the LifeGiver, The Great I AM!

I will be careful not to take the gift of a new day for granted.
For it is Additional Life, that I have been handed… Amen.

Copyright © 2018 Ms. Jamie Y. Gray. All Rights Reserved



God loves us so He adopted us.
Now we have a Father that lives far above the Heavens;
And yet He remains close enough for us to feel His Touch.

I’m so grateful.
Aren’t you grateful for how amazing His Grace is?
Because although we may slip away,
Still, with open arms, God welcomes us back home  
With a smile on His face and calls us His.

Don’t even think for a second that God ever forgot.
You stay on His mind all the time; He thinks of you a lot.
He’ll never forget you; you came from Him, of Him you are a part.
Broken pieces; He makes whole. Body, Spirit, and Soul.
Made in His Image. So He longs to see Himself in your heart.

Just thought I’d share a few of my random poetic thoughts.

Copyright © 2018 Ms. Jamie Y. Gray. All Rights Reserved

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